Academy of Management Professional Development Workshop

The Interplay of Competition and Cooperation:
Current Issues and Future Research Agenda

Saturday, Aug 5th 2017
at 8:30 AM – 11:00 AM
Hyatt Regency Atlanta, Spring

Sponsoring Divisions:

· Business Policy and Strategy

· Technology and Innovation Management

· Entrepreneurship

· International Management


· Anna Minà, University of Enna “Kore”

· Dovev Lavie, Technion

· Giovanni Battista Dagnino, University of Catania

Participating Panelists:

· Javier Gimeno, INSEAD

· Devi Gnyawali, Virginia Tech

· Werner Hoffmann, WU Vienna

· Dovev Lavie, Technion

· Laura Poppo, Kansas University

· Jeffrey J. Reuer, University of Colorado

Workshop Website:

Research on competition and cooperation has traditionally evolved in two
independent streams. However, business reality has shown that competition
and cooperation often interplay and that their intersection (i.e., ‘
coopetition’) is prevalent in several markets and industries.

This PDW aims to discuss current research and challenges associated with
the interaction between competition and cooperation in management research,
and identify prospective directions for future research in this area.

Specifically, the purpose of this PDW is to create a highly interactive
environment where scholars in different fields, including strategic
management, international management, entrepreneurship, and technology
management on key topics related to the interplay of competition and
cooperation in innovative contexts and interfirm networks, implication of
competition for alliance and alliance governance, coopetition in alliance
portfolios, and value creation and value appropriation in competition and

The PDW is organized in two complementary sections. In the first section, a
panel of six distinguished strategy scholars, who are actively studying
this topic, will share insights with the audience, and open issues for
future research. In the second section, panelists will lead roundtable
discussions in which workshop participants will discuss their related

Scholars interested in discussing their research during the roundtables are
invited to submit a document that includes the following items: (1) a bio
sketch; (2) a 2-page extended abstract of the paper that you would like to
discuss in the PDW’s roundtable section; (3) a list of key questions or
issues that you are interested in as a basis for discussion, and (4) a
prioritized list of panelists that you would like to interact with and
receive feedback from in the course of the PDW. To the extent that items
2-3 are not included, it will be assumed that you are interested to join as
an observer if room is available.

To register online, please first visit

To complete your registration you are requested to visit the workshop’s
website at and provide additional necessary

The deadline for applications is *July 15, 2017*. The requested documents
should be sent at the following email address: anna.mina

Applicants will be notified by *July 20, 2017* about the status of their
applications and acceptance to the PDW.

The team of panelists will discuss these proposals during the roundtable
section of the workshop. In addition, each workshop participant will be
expected to provide feedback on the papers of the other participants in
his/her roundtable.

We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta in August!

Best regards,

Anna, Dovev and Giambattista