Special issue call for papers from Management Decision titled “Governance and network: Cross-national differences”
Deadline: November 30, 2017

The special issue aims to publish original research that summarizes, challenges or extends existing theory and identify areas for future research on the topic of cross-national differences among inter-organizational relationships created through shareholders and directors.
We welcome conceptual, theoretical and empirical papers related to the phenomena of corporate governance and inter-organizational network.

Appropriate topics for the special issue would include, but are not limited, cross-national analysis of:
Corporate governance: causes and effects of networks among firms
Shareholders: Pyramidal structures and groups
Board of directors: Interlocking directorates
The Influence of multiple-ties on firm strategies and performances
Corporate networks around the world
Cross-national analysis of multiple-ties
Family vs. non family firms: Are inter-organizational ties different?

The goal of the special issue is to produce articles that summarize, integrate and test previously research on a corporate governance and network, identify weaknesses and/or limitations in extant research, and create agenda for future research studies.

We would expect that these papers serve as an important tool in consolidating and advancing our knowledge of inter-organizational ties due to common-shareholding, cross shareholding or interlocking directorates.

The Guest Editors encourage submissions of both empirical and conceptual/theoretical work. Papers that apply an interdisciplinary approach and incorporate a sound and well-founded mixed-method design are welcome.

Further Information: