Call for papers for a special issue on pushing the boundaries of open and user innovation

Oliver Alexy, Lars Frederiksen & Katja Hutter

Deadline 15 November 2017

Examples of paper topics

We hope to spur contributions by offering a few questions or topics below that may be
covered in this special issue. These are of course not exhaustive:
• How do user communities co-evolve over time with innovations by users?
• Do professionals and hobbyists develop and submit quantitatively and qualitatively
different types of user innovations? Why?
• How does external activity into an established company interact with individual’s
perception of the brand and status of the company?
• What is the role of open and user innovation in the sharing economy?
• How can breakthrough ideas from either within an organisation or originating from
outside be identified and protected through a dedicated management programme?
• What can be done to create a less risky environment for external knowledge generation
and selection where early and informal feedback is possible?
• How may organisations combine an internal R&D programme with an external
approach, such as a crowdsourcing platform?
• What is the role of platforms in generating user entrepreneurship?
• How can crowdfunding generate user innovation?
• How and why should established firms get involved in crowdfunding activities?
• In which settings are the existence of IP rights, such as patents or copyrights, beneficial
when trying to identify and attain new knowledge, and when are they a hindrance for
knowledge acquisition or even commercialisation?
• How can external search for knowledge by firms be successfully implemented and
supported by a particular organisational design?
• Which factors may enable the emergence of user-created and user-led ecosystems
and industries?
• Which conditions are prone to lead to the failure of user or open innovation initiatives?
• How may innovation engagement by users evolve into user activism?

Please read the rest on the attached pdf.