INSEAD Conference on Network Evolution 6.0

October 27/28, 2018, Fontainebleau – France

The 6th INSEAD Network Evolution Conference (NEC) will be held on October 27/28, 2018 in Fontainebleau.

The INSEAD Conference on Network Evolution is a two day event where we will provide a forum for researchers interested in organizational networks.

This year’s keynote speakers are Christine Beckman and Joe Labianca.

We are looking for submissions that have the potential to set directions for the organizational networks research. The following is a sampling of potential topics to discuss, but the submissions can clearly go beyond them:

a) What are the new and under-researched drivers of network dynamics
b) What are the network outcomes for individuals or organizations
c) What can organizational networks research learn from other disciplines.

Given the growing interest in establishing causal identification in network research, we will be offering a workshop on the design of randomized field experiments, co-organized with INSEAD’s Randomized Controlled Trials Lab.

We also explicitly ask for paper submissions that use clear identification strategies (natural experiments, quasi-natural experiments, randomized field experiments, etc.) to tease out causal effects of interest to network researchers.

As usual, we expect this to be small conference (around 30 papers) so that the participants can receive quality feedback.

Confirmed participants:

Gautam Ahuja, Joel Baum, Christine Beckman, Ron Burt, Tiziana Casciaro, Isabel Fernandez-Mateo, Martin Gargiulo, Charlie Galunic, Herminia Ibarra, Michael Jensen, Marissa King, Adam Kleinbaum, Joe Labianca, Bill McEvily, Ajay Mehra, Jill Perry-Smith, Michelle Rogan, Tim Rowley, Andrew Shipilov, Sameer Srivastava, Aks Zaheer … and counting

Please consider submitting a full paper to network.evolution by June 10, 2018.

There is no attendance fee, but the participants should cover their own transportation and lodging in Fontainebleau.

Andrew Shipilov

Professor of Strategy