Special Issue of Strategy Science: Shaping The Future: Strategies for Market Creation and Transformation


Elizabeth Pontikes

Booth School of Business, University of Chicago

Violina Rindova

Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California

Submission Deadline: April 1st, 2019


In the modern economy, across industries, firms increasingly face rapid, disruptive changes in their environments. Most are caught off-guard and forced to defensively respond. But some initiate these changes, shaping the environment in ways that favor the firm.

The focus of this special issue is firm strategies that fundamentally change markets. The study of market structures is a mainstay in management research: industry forces, strategic groups, product market categories, ecosystems, exchange networks, alliances, and organizational architectures, to name a few. But much of this work takes market structures as given and examines strategic behavior within them. In fact, markets are often understood as “structured and patterned exchanges that exhibit a high degree of regularity in product/service offering, the roles that actors play in the exchange, and the infrastructure that enables and governs the exchange.” (Lee, Struben, Bingham, 2017: 244).

We invite papers that reverse this emphasis, studying how firms reshape market structures and chart new trajectories. Of particular interest is work that examines strategic choices through which firms reconceptualize existing structures or create new ones, processes through which they mobilize stakeholders to engage in novel types of interactions, or themechanisms by which entrepreneurs, activists, coalitions, and audiences contribute to these processes.

Given our focus on agency, we welcome papers that examine these dynamics at the individual, organizational, industry and market levels of analysis. We seek theoretical and empirical contributions that from a variety of perspectives, including qualitative and quantitative research designs. However, whatever the theoretical perspective, level of analysis, or methodological approach, submitted papers should focus on questions of firm strategy.

Manuscripts for the special issue are to be submitted by April 1, 2019. Manuscripts that do not appear to fit the topical focus of the special issue will be considered, with theauthors’ approval, for a regular issue of Strategy Science. Strategy Science is a quarterly journal looking to publish a small set of high-quality articles in each issue that addresscentral topics in the field. Authors can expect rapid and high-quality reviews by appropriate leading scholars in the field and clear editorial guidance should a revision berequested. For information about the special issue and the journal please see this link: http://pubsonline.informs.org/journal/stsc