Call for Papers

2019 Strategy Science Conference

Eccles School of Business, University of Utah

May 10-11


Strategy Science Doctoral Workshop

May 9


We invite paper and panel submissions for the 2019 Strategy Science Conference to be held May 10-11 at the Eccles School of Business, University of Utah. The Conference seeks to develop and feature innovative research directed toward the challenges of strategic management. We invite work from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds and methodologies that aims to help push the field of strategy forward. The conference also aims to support the complementary efforts of Strategy Science, as a journal. Accordingly, in evaluating submissions, we will give preference to papers under review at Strategy Science and papers not yet under review elsewhere.

Last year’s inaugural strategyscienceconference.

Prior to the conference on May 9th, we will once again hold the Strategy Science Doctoral Workshop. The format is targeted towards students who are finishing or have recently finished their coursework and are in the early stages of their dissertation work (not targeting the upcoming job market cycle). Applicants should send a brief (3 to 4 page) statement of their research interests along with their CV, and provide one letter of recommendation from a faculty member. Students admitted to the workshop will also be invited to participate in the main conference that follows on Friday and Saturday. Please send your application tostratscidoctoralworkshop by February 10, 2019.